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Lindberg dental clinic: We guarantee a good treatment!

Lindberg Tandlægeklinik is one of the best dental clinics in Aarhus. We’re located in Risskov which is north of the city centre of Aarhus. It’s quick and easy to get there both by car and by bus, and the dental clinic offers a broad variety of treatments, so we can help you no matter what your challenge is.

Experienced dentists

All our personnel are experienced and professional. They are excellent at their job and always ready to listen to you, if you have any questions. Furthermore, we have the newest equipment and modern facilities, as the dental clinic was renovated in 2019.

To give you a warm welcome in our dental clinic, our personnel great you with a smile when you enter the reception. Moreover, we make sure that you’ll be treated by the same two persons every time, so you get continuity in the treatments. This way your dentist also knows you and will be aware of any special needs you might have.

Quality and fair prices

The latest equipment

Experienced dentists

A dental clinic for every situation

At Lindberg dental clinic we want to be able to help you with every tooth-related problem. Therefore, we offer a broad variety of treatments from the routine dental check-ups and tooth scalings to root canal treatments, crowns, removals of wisdom teeth and making dental implants and dentures. We also do cosmetics work on your teeth.

It’s important that you visit the dentist regularly for the routine checks as this helps to improve your oral health and prevents problems with your teeth like cavities. During a tooth scaling, the dentist removes plaque and tartar and cleans your teeth. In general, it’s recommended to visit the dentist at least once a year – and sometimes more.

Fair prices

We think that good dental care should be available for everyone, and high quality shouldn’t equal high price. This means that Lindberg dental clinic is one of the cheapest dentists in Aarhus, and if you’re a student or on social security (like ‘kontanthjælp’) you can get a reduction in the price. This is also the case if you are a member of the Danish health insurance Sygeforsikring “danmark”. If you have questions about this, you can always ask us when you set up your appointment.

High service

Modern surroundings

Painless treatment

Suffering from dental fear?

- Fear no more!

We know that many people suffer from dental fear, and we do what we can to prevent this. Therefore, the entire dental clinic is filled with calm and comforting music and the stereotypical sterile smell is replaced by the scent of fresh flowers.

Also, we encourage you to contact us before your treatment if you suffer from dental fear. This allows us to discuss the treatment with you and find the best way to get through it. Many people fear the dentist because of the pain associated with previous visits. Because of this, we have made sure that our personnel know how to sedate you without any pain.

We hope to see you

Regardless of where you live in Aarhus, it’s easy to get to Lindberg dental clinic. If you come by car, you can enjoy the free parking and that the car park is big – so you’ll easily find a spot. By bus it’s also very easy to reach us. You can take a variety of buses to our clinic and the distances from the bus stops are between a one-minute walk and a ten-minute walk depending on the bus.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions! You can call us or stop by the clinic – that’s up to you. We’ll do our best to answer your questions or help set up an appointment.

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